Today is the two-year-and-one-week anniversary of Will Save World for Gold. I, uhh, kind of spazzed on the actual date, which was the 12th. Coulda sworn it was the 22nd.

But then, I guess dates don’t really matter very much in webcomics. Much more significant are the ends of chapters, of which we’ve had six thus far. Also, the fandom milestones. For example, just recently I ran the most successful donation drive to date, which raised over three hundred dollars. That money was put towards my internet bill while I was still out looking for a new job every day. I can also say with some certainty that if not for the ad revenue I get every day and the cash you guys so generously donate when I offer to draw extra pages, I would probably have had to start selling my stuff in order to keep afloat over this past year. It’s not quite the same as having a webcomic for your job, but it sure does mean a lot to me nonetheless! Thanks guys.

I did find a paying job a little while ago and cash is now less of a worry, so hopefully I can start to figure out more merchandising options rather than relying mostly on donations this year. My first attempt, the shirt store, is… not very sucessful, really. I’m still trying to find the time and inspiration to make some new designs, but it’s not costing me anything to keep the shirt shop open, so if anyone becomes inspired to make a purchase it’ll still be there. I want to see what other kinds of merch I can provide in the future. Kickstarter is now available to us Canadians, so maybe there’s something I can do with that. We’ll see.

In summary, you guys are awesome and you apparently think my comic is too. That means a lot to me. Let’s hope this next year turns out even better than the last two.