It’s like, why do I even have a blog if I’m not going to update it? Jesus.

First off let me just say that if any of you were sick of the countdown timer, I was even more sick of it. Not that that’s why it suddenly shot down to single digits over the course of two pages. I had all this written out before I drew the first page. But I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore. Or forget about it by accident. Yes, that did happen once. Maybe one of you even saw the page before I corrected it!

Second, I want to address something in the comic which may, to the untrained eye, seem like an error or plot hole. No, nobody’s been bugging me about it, but it bugs ME, so I’ll talk about it anyway. Nobody cares? Tough.

The issue at hand is the third dimension. Yes, it exists.

In today’s page, for example, a savvy reader with a head for continuity and D&D rules may wonder how Odivallus got past all those goblins which should have been between him and the others. I mean, there they are in a later panel catching up to him! Shouldn’t they have barred his progress? Or at least landed a bunch of attacks of opportunity and killed him?

The explanation is as follows. Although the comic is presented in two dimensions, the characters exist in three. In this case, Odivallus picked a path through the goblins which minimized his exposure to opportunity attacks, and as a result was hit by none (if any were made). Another complaint might be that Ell apparently switches positions with Ardon when it’s presumably not even her turn. Did Ardon do that with a power or something? No. All three of them are standing still (as far as D&D’s grid mechanics care). The finite two-dimensional space they occupy features an indeterminately large z-axis. They could all be standing twenty feet apart for all we know.

And to make it more complicated, the same amount of space on the x-axis may represent different amounts of real three-dimensional space at different times, even in the same location, and even on the same page! If I want to have the entire five-man party pose as a team, I have to spread them out over about 40-50 pixels of space so you can make out all their cool poses and detailed facial expressions (*snrk*). But that doesn’t mean that they’re standing side by side in a straight line! They might be standing back-to-back in a circle or something. And those goblins which are standing to their left and right could, similarly, have them completely surrounded.

This is one of several difficulties that arise from drawing the comic in the style I’ve chosen. Unless I want to deviate from the flat two-dimensions you’ve grown accustomed to (I might someday, who knows), my only option would be to present each room either from multiple angles (which I also might do) or in a series of cut-away sections (stupid idea). As such, you’ll just have to get used to the idea that what you’re seeing may not be literally what’s going on. That’s kind of a dubious admission from someone claiming adherence to D&D 4e mechanics, I know.

On the other hand, D&D 4e tells us that one covers more distance with equal effort while moving on a diagonal, so I’m hardly the only offender here.

Anyway, I just felt like explaining that for no reason. I hope you’re enjoying this first story arc; it’ll be over shortly after New Year’s Day, and then we’ll be getting right into the second. Thanks for reading!