I finally decided to start using Twitter to talk about comic stuff. This will come in handy if the site goes down for some reason, as I can let you know what’s going on and when it’ll be back up. I’ll also use it to let you know when I’m about to broadcast something. Oh, I want to try live broadcasting by the way. I was thinking of streaming me drawing the wallpapers I owe you guys. I’ll probably be more likely to get them done in a timely fashion if you guys show up and talk at me while I’m working on them.

My Twitter profile is here and my Justin TV page is here. I look forward to entertaining you through these new mediums. This blog, however, will remain a barren wasteland of shameful inactivity.

Also, this weekend the final bonus updates went up! That means that next Saturday will be the first day in a month and a half not to have an update. As such I’m tentatively thinking of doing a stream on Friday (when I would normally be drawing a Saturday update). Follow me on Twitter if you want to receive notice of this historic event.