I finally figured out how to embed a Twitter feed on the site (it was actually very easy). You can find it to the right. If you’re not a big fan of social media you can now get instant up-to-date WSWFG news without having to go to another site or starve to death waiting for me to post in the blog.

Also, I’m going to be drawing live on JTV later today (June 18th). I’ll be drawing an update for Dwarf Dungeon (link to the left), followed by the 500th page of the comic. It’s not going to be a particularly notable page other than the fact that it ends in two zeroes, but it seemed like a good excuse to draw on camera. If you’re interested in my drawing process or want to ask me questions, please join me! Keep an eye on the Twitter feed and/or the forums, as both will have announcements went the broadcast begins as well as a link to the my JTV page.

I’ll probably broadcast later in the week while I draw the second of the two wallpapers I owe you guys. A reminder that we’re only $25 from getting a third!

Thanks, as always, for reading.