The Comic

Will Save World for Gold is the story many D&D geeks have thought about telling; take a group of mismatched adventurers (former D&D characters, ideally) and send them off to do heroic and comedic things. One of them will be highly incompetent. One of them will be evil. One of them will be a girl (maybe). It’s a simple formula, but hey, it’s worked before. Surely it can work again.

I have many stories I’d like to tell that are at least slightly less clich├ęd than WSWFG, but I wanted to start with something that I know will find an audience.

The events and characters in the comic are intended to be recreatable with the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. The main cast are all based on previous D&D characters of mine, though only Odivallus and Ardon ever saw play, and only Ardon was ever intended for a 4e game. If you pay close enough attention, you might eventually be able to piece together full character sheets for all of them. Challenge issued, internet. Challenge issued.

The pixel art, as well as certain design elements, were chosen to lampoon the widely- and wrongly-held concept that D&D 4e is just a video game with really bad graphics.

The comic updates Monday to Friday and is drawn entirely in MS Paint.

The Author

My real name is Aaron Lupton, but my universal internet handle is LoneStarNorth.

I’ve been inventing worlds and writing (shitty) stories since at least the 8th grade, when I read The Hobbit for the first time. Once I found out that the fantasy genre was a thing, there was just no stopping me. Many years later I discovered Dungeons & Dragons, which struck me as an even better use for invented worlds than fiction, since all I had to do to grab the audience’s interest was to say there was treasure hiding somewhere.

I am primarily a Dungeon Master. I ran a D&D 3.5 campaign which lasted for 3.5 years, and which ran from level 1 to 20. After this, the entire group decided that we’d beaten the game and started branching out to various other systems. I still enjoy D&D 3.5, but 4e is growing on me more and more. I’ve also taken a stab at designing new RPGs from scratch; those attempts may find their way onto the internet eventually.

I’ve been drawing my entire life, but I was never enthusiastic enough to get really good at it. Then I discovered computers. At first I found drawing on a computer to be crude and difficult, but then I discovered that I could just hit the undo button and try again until I got the picture looking exactly how I wanted it. And no eraser smudges! I still draw on paper when the mood takes me, but I vastly prefer MS Paint over all other artistic mediums.

I’d really like to make a living making geeky internet comics. We’ll see.

You can contact me at: