Looking for a new player(s) to my 4e DnD game.

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Looking for a new player(s) to my 4e DnD game.

Postby BrokenCastle » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:17 am

Firstly I hope this is an ok place for me to post an advertisment? If not please feel free to delete or move this topic.

I am currently DMing a 4th edition DnD game. The game is held every friday between 7pm and midnight Eastern Standard Time. We play online using roll20 (a great online system for tabletops). As we have lost a player we are down to 3 current players and I would like to increase this if possible. Since I enjoyed playing in LSN's game with so many people here I would like to extend an offer to join the game to the people here. This friday (in 2 days) we will be having our 6th session for this season.

Why should you join? Well allow me to convince you with these awesome hypnotizing bulletins.

- 100% Pure sandbox game- You can do anything and you are not required to take any path. No enemies are 'guaranteed to escape' and nobody is off limits to be killed - though many certainly have very powerful means to escape death or not be killed by you. Don't expect a free ride either, your actions have consequences and people will remember and react to what you do.

- Vast and established world- I have DM'd in the same game world for many years with dozens of unique players. The history and identity of the world is very decently fleshed out and you get the experience the achievements of past players be they graveyards of their slain foes to villages standing because they saved them.

- Moral Ambiguity- While there are of course a few 'truly evil' necromancers wanting to kill everything, most (sentient) creatures are not black and white. Get immersed in a conflict where neither side is the clear 'good guy'. Make difficult choices that may have no right answer. Struggle as your characters are faced with dilemmas with consequences.

- Interact with the ghost of past players. When a player dies or quits I take their character and put him/her in the world. Future players may then encounter and interact with this player in anything from getting advice to outright fighting them. Enjoy playing with or against an NPC based on past players.

- Leave a legacy - likewise when you die/stop playing your character will live on to interact with future players. Know that the person you play will live on for years after the end of this game. Not only that your actions will shape the world. Many landmarks or people our current party interacts would not be there were it not to previous groups. The same will be said of what you achieve.

What do you need to play:
1. You need to be able to make most game sessions on Fridays. Everyone understand that you may need to take off one every few weeks, but you need to be able to make most sessions if for no other reason than keeping the story hole-free.
2. A functioning headset. We play in real time over voice. I am not going to type everything out too you nor will we clutter the chat with all details. You need to be able to talk and listen to us over the internet.
3. Maturity- All players are adults and we ask that you conduct yourself in an adult session.

Previous experience with DnD is not required, we are happy to teach you how to play and help guide you on your first few sessions.

Some houserules:
Unique universe. Don't assume the same history and cosmology exists as 'official' DnD (though many elements are similar). This is especially true for planner items.
Teleporting does funky shit. Be cautious about using any teleportation abilities.
Not technically a houserule, but anything Infernal, Abyssial, or Necrotic (including powers or races like tiefling) are illegal in the current location of the player party. Use these at your own risk.
Coming back to life drains a healing surge permanently. No other res sickness applies.
All Resurrection costs 9000 gold regardless of level. Certain items, skills, diseases or poisons prevent Resurrection.
Enemies can be brought back with a simple (though expensive) ritual no different than players. Players follow the same rules NPC's use and vice versa in the universe.
If you knock an enemy beyond negative surge value, this enemy is dying even if you declare subdual. Negative bloodied is death. Dying enemies make death saving throws no different than players.
Everyone levels in unison. No individual exp.
Enemies use the magic items they drop.
There is a magic item attunement system. This prevent players from simply doubling their magic item supply in the case half the party is wiped.
Pointbuy system for attributes. You get 4 extra points, no attribute can start above 18, only 1 can go below 10 and cannot be lower than 8.

Current party level: 2 (Will level after next session)

Current players:
Half Elf Rogue
Warforged Paladin
Dragonborn Bard

Please do reply or pm me or email me (sayasic@gmail.com) if you would be interested in joining or hearing more details.
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Re: Looking for a new player(s) to my 4e DnD game.

Postby Panzer » Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:35 am

Is this still a thing? I've been wanting to try 4e recently, and this looks just perfect for me.
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Re: Looking for a new player(s) to my 4e DnD game.

Postby LoganN64 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:59 pm

Hey there! i got some DND 4e under my belt... and i do miss having a real-time conversation with folks, can i hop in on this action too?


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