Draiochta, a new tabletop game that does everything right.

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Draiochta, a new tabletop game that does everything right.

Postby Cyberpunk Eevee » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:23 am

I know I've been gone from here for ages, but I wanted to pop in and talk about a new favorite tabletop of mine, Draiochta. It's a classless system that's all about the concept itself, and I can't foresee anyone playing the exact same character. A curve ball: It's based on old Celtic myth, legend, and tradition. A nice step away from the current cookie-cutter mold of high fantasy medieval game.


D% system, no d20.
Scaling damage for being skilled with a weapon(more skill=more damage)
Skills increase with more successful uses
A book filled to the brim with completely original creatures

It's only $20/Beta PDF, and with each pdf, you will get a coupon for a discounted hard copy after the beta is over.

Figured people would be interested in this.
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