Hackmaster Basic is now Free!

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Hackmaster Basic is now Free!

Postby Anxe » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:40 pm

Hey guys,

Hackmaster Basic, the sequel to the Origins Game of the Year in 2001, is now free to download and play! The game is a lot grittier than D&D's 3rd or 4th editions. Even for a high-level character, going up against a few orcs alone can be a dangerous thing to do. Combat is done in seconds instead of rounds and your character can do something different on each second. Melee is reactive because you roll for defense as well as attack. My group and I love the game, and we'd like to see more people playing. Now that the basic rules are free, it'll be a lot cheaper for people to try it and like it! So please go check out Hackmaster and see if it's something you and your group want to play.

The link is here: Hackmaster Basic :Ppbt:
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