Kingdom of Lorn Lore and Stat SHeets

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Kingdom of Lorn Lore and Stat SHeets

Postby Axe11154 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:23 am

Every good story has a Back Story. Heres lorns... ENjoy Meat puppet bags

Ages (Each age is a few 100 years long, but is very important to plot)

Age of SKill (Lasted 800 Years
A Age long forgotten the Age of SKill is considered Humanities Greatest Drive as its here they learned how to Harness A Killed enemies thoughts allowing them to learn experiences they haven't even claimed and as the more experiences they took the stronger they got in what they called "Level". People who Became Very talented with this were Called Heros and would be called upon to fight any battle needed.
Humanity had 3 Great Cities, and were Allied with the Dwarves, a Powerful Race Who lived in a Large two Headed mountain in a Large forest.
It Ended when a Sorcerer used his Great power to Open a Portal to Another Dimension Destroying the Dwarves Home and Unleashing Many Beast From what is now known as the Void, Destroying Much of the Great Forest of Ancits, and causing a Greta mountain range to form from the magnitude of the Blast

Age of the Blood Sea (Lasted 362 years
The First monsters to emerge from the void were trolls, Leaving their home realm in hopes of Escaping Dragons. When they got to this new world already infested with Ants calling them selves humans they simply had to exterminate them. The Humans while small were a big threat and gave a Good fight using Powerful warriors they called Heros. The war would have ended in a Simple 100 Years with the Trolls loss and the Voids close but the Trolls figured out how to Use "SKill" as well evening the playing field some.
Humans and trolls at war,
Dwarves turned into Nomads, Learning magic to speed food production on the go.
Age ended after the Void grew in Girth allowing Dragons to Fly through.

Age of Fire (32 years)
The AGe of fire is the shortest but most remembered Age as it is the most Resent to the Modern and the most painful. Dragons came from the Void Attacking Many Cities and killing Human, Dwarves, Trolls, and Goblins.
Age ended when Al races banded together to make a Spell to turn all dragons in the Land and through the Void into Stone.
Dwarves Figure out Spell and make it work
Goblins appear
Dragons appear.
TOwn of Dragoon is Built on Dragoon Island where the Spell to seal the Dragons for 110 Years was Used

Age of Slumber 109 Years and still going
The Modern Age Heros are to few but peace Rains, Humanity is About to Die out and the only way to save them selves is to Close the void before the Dragons awaken Next Year

Present Day CIties

Karfers Keep: Named after a Greta hero Durring the AGe of Skill Karfers keep is the last and oldest human city.

First Ruin: The First city Besieged by the trolls after they discovered how to use "SKill" First ruin is For ever Painted red for so many dies that their blood covered every inch of the city, Trolls and humans see it as a holy site andd have agreed no more fighting may happen on those ground Between the two.

Kria: Troll VIllage.

Go,SHea: Troll port for fishing

Lost CIty of Lathia: Named after a Heroine from the Age of the Blood Sea. By giving her life The CIty was saved but after the age of fire The CIty was lost and over run by goblin Thieves and bandits who needed a home... The City now is home to the KIng of Thieves.

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