Introduction of a homestuck fan

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Introduction of a homestuck fan

Postby ac30fspad35 » Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:27 pm

Hello everyone my name is isaac aka ac30fspad35

and i just wanted to introduce myself to your forum and stuff :3

ive read the whole web comic so far and loved it its on my top 10 list with homestuck as first and wswfg as second :Ppbt:

also my oc character is described below


name:isaac garcia

god tier title:mage of mind

patron troll:feferi

constellation troll:sollux


if anybody else is a homestuck fan right your oc description or d and d description ((i dont play d and d so please forgive my stupidity))

anyway i hope to gain some new friends here and have fun :D

Cya laterz
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