As of now there’s a new vote incentive, a lore page about the Boot & Buttocks. Have you been keeping up with those lore pages? Every single one is 100% canon.

There are three new lore pages upcoming which take a slightly different approach. They are a three-part telling of the story behind Odivallus and his role as the Dragon. We’ve heard a lot of talk about that title in the flashback scenes in the comic, but this week you’ll get the history all spelled out for you, as it has been passed down from Wise Woman to apprentice for centuries. New lore pages will be posted Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I’m going to to my best to get even more vote incentives out in the days leading up to Christmas. Maybe even some bonus comics? Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates.

If you recall back to last year, I asked for a Christmas present from my readers. I wanted to get into the top 100 comics on TopWebComics, and what do you know, my readers came through for me! This year I’d really like to push for top 10. Even if it’s just for a little while. It’s going to take a couple thousand votes, but I truly believe it’s possible. If at any point this month I see Will Save World for Gold in the top 10 (post a screenshot in the forum if you see it first!), I will reward you with DAILY UPDATES for the entire month of January. I’m going to spend some of my Project Wonderful money on advertising, so I’ll be doing my part to help out too.

Everybody vote, get your friends to vote, get your enemies to vote as well. Let’s see if we can shake TopWebComics up a little bit this year.