*asually walks into room with a glass of water a sits down*

*casually glances at today’s date*

*casually takes a sip of water*

*casually notices the date of the most recent blog post*

*casually does a giant spit take*

Sorry about the lack of blog posts, but there hasn’t been much to report that doesn’t fit into a tweet. Mostly I just wanted to mention that there’s now a link to my Justin.tv page at the top of the website, in case any of you were interested in watching me draw comics live. I don’t broadcast very often (especially lately because I’m trying to avoid spoilers for certain things), but when I do I post about it on twitter and on the forum. I’m going to try to remember to post here as well to make sure none of you have any excuse not to show up and bother me while I work. My next broadcast is going to be this Sunday at 4 PM Eastern time. I’ll be drawing an entire new background for the comic: Hippogriff Hill. Yes, THAT Hippogriff Hill.

The book is still coming along, but very slowly. I have to work on it when I’m NOT working on the comic itself. Or my actual full-time job. Or sleeping.

Finally, remember back when I said that within the first few story arcs of this year, the group dynamic in the comic would change forever (if not read previous post)? Well I’d say IT JUST DID, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. But I, being the author with complete foreknowledge of all future events, would ALSO say that it’s not done changing yet. In fact, if I were in a particularly generous and/or mischievous mood, I might hint that it will change further in THIS VERY SAME STORY ARC. I would then chuckle mysteriously and get back to drawing because this plot isn’t going to twist itself.

Thanks for reading!