During the month of December there are going to be some more vote incentives available! There weren’t any last month because I exhausted myself writing all those Oswalt’s Notes. I mean Oswalt wrote them. Whatever.

With Christmas on the way, I thought I’d provide some last-minute gift ideas for the adventurer closest to your heart by providing some item statistics. There’ll be a new item posted every Monday, starting today once TopWebComics ticks over to the new month. On the 22nd, however, there will be a Christmas-themed comic page available instead, as is tradition. And maybe something else different posted on the 29th??? I don’t know. Probably.

I’d also like to belatedly repeat my heartfelt thanks from back in October. For almost the entire month Will Save World for Gold was sitting in the top ten on TWC. “Well of course it was LSN,” you say. “You posted like a billion vote incentives. That’s why your comic climbed so high.” I’m gonna let you in on a secret though: the real reason I did so well is because YOU guys are kind enough to support my comic. That means a lot to me. So, thank you.

Okay, enough of this. Time to buckle down and finish this stupid dumbie/Archwarlock storyline. Can you believe I originally planned this as a single hundredish-page series? And now it’s been running for over a year. Jesus.