Oh shit it’s barely even still January I should probably make some kind of news post.

December was particularly hectic for me this year so I ended up taking the next month pretty easy, hence why this post is so late. But with 2014 safely behind us I wanted to address a few different things that came along this past year, and some things I have planned for 2015.

Oh my god this thing is LOOOOONG. Can you believe this trilogy of dumbies and archwarlocks was originally supposed to be a single, standard length chapter of the comic? Here we are fourteen months later and it’s taking up almost a third of the archives, and it’s STILL not over! Fortunately I just barely squeezed Peanut’s intellectual genesis into 2014 and thus fulfilled my prophecy of permanent changes to the party dynamic. Also Ell met her parents Ardon is less of a dick (to his friends) than ever and Barry joined the party permanently! Look at all those changes!

Also, keep this between you and me, but I have it on good authority that the changes are not over yet. Something pretty significant was set into motion during this bloated plotline. That’ll become apparent soon.

I’m definitely late in saying this but I want to thank everyone that’s been voting on TopWebComics. WSWFG was in the top ten for most of December, and remains in the top twenty in January even without new vote incentives! I’m going to try to get at least a couple new incentives posted next month, so keep an eye out for that.

Despite a lack of ANY incentives whatsoever, some of you have still been making donations this year. That is very kind of you! I’ve been backing away from donation drives since I’m not as hard up for cash as I have been in the past, but I’d still like to provide some kind of incentive for all you generous lovelies. I’m currently mulling over Patreon and what kind of rewards I could offer for certain monthly thresholds of donations, as well as for individual patrons. The primary obstacle to this endeavour is the full-time job that prevents me from straight-up begging for money. I’ll think of something, though.

Those of you that used to hang out with me on my livestreams may be wondering why none of those have happened in a long time. The reason is quite simple. My current computer is just too rubbish to broadcast reliably. During my read-along stream which I hyped the heck out of the stream died on me five times. UNACCEPTABLE. Fortunately I have a new computer on the way which will be MORE than capable of streaming art. I was hoping to have it this month which is yet ANOTHER reason I held off on making a news post, but now I’m hearing it won’t be ready until probably March. Oh, butts.

Once that’s up and running I hope to stream much more frequently. The new PC will also be able to handle streaming of games, which is something I’ve tried to do in the past but found difficult if not impossible. I hope you guys will join me for that as well, and maybe even play some multiplayer games with me! I used to do that too, you know!

Unfortunatley this lofty goal did not come to pass. The more I worked on it the more work became apparent, and I just don’t have the hours to commit to the project right now. I’ve never done any publishing before and there are a lot of aspects to it I’d never considered. Print WSWFG books remain a future goal but you can consider the idea tabled for now. Sorry.

Didn’t I used to run a bunch of these? Didn’t I say on one of my last streams that I was working on some new ideas? Forum games are another thing the day job did away with but I still love them and I want to run another. We’ll see.

I think I covered about everything. I want to finish by thanking everyone once again. Whether you made a cash donation, voted with or without incentives, or just kept reading my comic every day, you guys have been supporting me and my work for over three years now. I am constantly at a loss for how to express my gratitude. I’m going to make year four of WSWFG the best one yet.

Thank you for reading my giant news post, but mostly thanks for reading my silly comic. Happy new year I guess!