Judging by WSWFG’s ranking on TWC, many of you have noticed the new vote incentive that popped up last week. It may not have made much sense to some of you. But those of you that have watched my livestreams in the past probably know know that one of my favourite video games of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It had a pretty big influence on the way I write stories and I even snuck at least one quote into WSWFG (try to find it). You may also know that an HD rerelease is coming out today for Nintendo 3DS, the very same date indicated on the vote image! So was I just dropping a weird advertisement for a game I love? Heck no!

Will Save World for Masks is going to be a tribute/parody comic which will recreate the storyline of Majora’s Mask with characters from my comic taking on the major roles. I’ll release one or two pages every week as vote incentives, until such a time as the story is concluded. How long will that take? I dunno! Probably a long time! But at least there’ll be lots of vote incentives to look forward to in the future! Note that other things might still be posted as incentives as well. The first page has already been posted and is available if you vote now!

But wait, you say. I vote for your comic all the time because I’m a wonderful person, but what if I miss some pages? Are they gone forever? Is that going to ruin the story for me? Well, dear reader, you may notice that I’ve also launched a Patreon page at the same time as this new subcomic. If you don’t know, Patron is a website that allows you to pledge a certain amount of money that you’ll give me every month. Kind of like Kickstarter, but instead of one big project you’re supporting my work drawing comics on a near-daily basis. Anybody who contributes so much as one dollar a month will be able to view the entire Will Save World for Masks archive on my Patreon page. The latest page will only be available by voting, however. Also there’s other things you’ll get to see on Patreon, including many past vote incentives! Remember Ardon’s Nightmare? That’s already up. Remember Oswalt’s Notes? Remember all those lore pages? They are also slowly being posted for Patreon viewing.

But wait again, you say. I like to support your comic but I’m tight on cash. Is there no hope for me? Fear not. All of Will Save World for Masks is eventually going to be released freely to everyone! This will be done one chapter at a time, as they are completed. There are prooobably going to be six chapters? But I’ve recently developed a habit of stretching these things out longer than is necessary so maybe it’ll be more. Regardless, if you’re content to just vote and wait for the full release, you can get these comics without ever having to pay a cent! I take no responsibility if you die of suspense while waiting, though.

As a final note, I got my new computer and am once again capable of streaming while I draw comics! I will try to do this once every couple of weeks at least. I was thinking of doing a stream this Sunday but the aforementioned rerelease of Majora’s Mask will probably prevent that from happening. More details are forthcoming, though, so keep an eye this news feed, as well as twitter.

As a final final note, although many artists do livestreams with their Patreon supporters as a reward for a certain tier of donations, my streams are going to remain free to watch for everyone. I stream because I like to hang out with you guys, I don’t want to exclude anyone that would like to participate.

I hope you enjoy Will Save World for Masks as much as I enjoy the game it’s based on! Thank you for reading!