Hey, you know those livestreams I do sometimes? And by sometimes I mean every Sunday at 1 PM like clockwork? Well I’m breaking the schedule WIDE OPEN and doing an extra one this Saturday in celebration of the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. I love the series and I’m going to play every single one until I don’t love them anymore. Come join me!

Also, I have a youtube channel. You can find it right here. There’s not a lot there, but I’m making permanent videos out of some of my livestream content. I’m trying to save all of the least terrible gameplay footage, and maybe I’ll do other things like art videos if I ever sit down to draw something without being in such a huge goddamn hurry that it’s boring as fuck to watch. If there are other things you’d like to see videos of, I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading! And watching, if you’ve also been doing that!