September 12th, also known as the sort-of-anniversary of Will Save World for Gold, is rapidly rushing towards us!! We must find a way to celebrate lest we all perish.

I propose an extra long stream on Sunday September 13th, since the date is kind of arbitrary anyways, wherein I shall draw an entire week’s worth of pages in a single sitting. While doing so I will also entertain you with behind the scenes WSWFG facts and musings and might-have-beens, and also answer every single question* the viewers may happen to ask about the comic! It’s gonna be a good time. You should come hang out.

Whether you can make it to the stream or not, let me thank you as I do every year for supporting my comic in whatever way you see fit. Pledging on Patreon even when my rewards are late, voting on TWC even when I forget to post incentives, watching on Twitch even when I have nothing interesting to say, or just reading each new page even though they’re all stupid. You do realize one of the characters is a talking lizard named Peanut, right? Hell, there’s a good chance he’s your FAVOURITE character. Think about that for minute. Jesus.

All joking aside, let me say without going into details or exaggerating even a tiny bit, that 2015 has probably been the lousiest year of my life thus, for a large variety of reasons. But when I stagger home after a long day at my crappy day job and see all you lovely people are still here appreciating the work I do, I don’t even care. It’s all worthwhile. Thanks guys.

Every year around this time I also spend a paragraph or so talking about the future, and the exciting things to come. But this year I’m not gonna do that. Because I’m streaming this weekend and I gotta fill time somehow. If you want to know what’s coming, make sure to tune in! Or at least pop over to Twitch afterwards and watch the six hour recording. Maybe I’ll highlight some cool parts I dunno.

See you at the stream!


*not true