This Sunday I’ll be doing a different kind of stream, something I haven’t done before. I’ll be sitting down to create a campaign setting for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons from the ground up, and I won’t be doing it alone. I’ll be looking to the stream chat for ideas to build off of the basic premises and elements that I’ll be starting with, picking my favourite suggestions and working them all into a fictional world. SPOILER: the basic premise is giant robots.

Anybody can participate in this project. All you have to do is swing by my Twitch stream and join the conversation in the chatroom. The idea is to do several of these streams, once every few weeks, until I have a fully fleshed-out campaign setting that anyone could run in their D&D game. So even if you miss this first one, you might be able to join in next time. And a complete recording of the stream will be posted on my Youtube channel so you can get caught up anytime. ANOTHER SPOILER: I’ve already posted videos of me drawing several giant robots which will belong to this campaign setting.

Hope to see you this weekend!