Halloween approaches once again. Traditionally this would the time to year when I pick a day, pick a horror game, and play it until it’s over or my frail artist’s heart gives out. But this year things are going to be a little different.

The game I’m going to play is WyRM, my own variant of Warrior Rogue and Mage by Michael Wolf. It’s a tabletop RPG similar to D&D. I’ve written a one-shot horror adventure and I’m going to run it for a few of you folks. Including YOU, possible! Yes, YOU! Check out this forum thread for all the details. You can also hit me up by email, Twitter, one the forum, or on the Will Save World for Gold Discord if you have questions or want to sign up. Even if you can’t play for whatever reason, be sure to check out the stream on Sunday October 29th to watch the nightmare unfold.