There are a couple of new designs available in the shirt shop. Remember you can still make suggestions in the shirt thread if you have a cool idea for a design. If someone else already posted an idea you like, quote their post and say “+1 for this guy’s rockin’ shirt idea.” That way I know what ideas are more likely to sell. Also, shirt thread is a pun.

All shirts will now also be available in ladies’ sizes. For some reason not all the same colours are available, though, so you may notice some differences (specifically with Ell’s holy symbol). Also, did you know that if you click on the “add to cart” button while on the main store page, you’re only getting the colour of shirt that I think looks best with the design (aka always black)? If you click on the preview image and order from there you can select from a number of different colours. They’re objectively inferior to the choices I’ve already made for you though, so don’t do that. But still click on the preview image because each design comes with a WITTY DESCRIPTION which I spent literally seconds coming up with. All of my energy is devoted to your entertainment. Appreciate it!

Thanks for reading. Please buy a shirt, I’m poor.