Arc 5 of the comic ended on a massive cliffhanger, which is in fact not a cliffhanger in the slightest because the updates continue on five days a week uninterrupted. But it would be even LESS of a cliffhanger if the comic updates SEVEN days a week, wouldn’t it?

After the several-months-long break from donation drives, I’m running another one. For every $25 donated via the link to the right, I’ll post an extra comic page on the next non-update day (Saturday or Sunday). This is an extra update and not some sort of bonus or side story. Everyone gets to see it, not just the person who donates. I’ll post a maximum of 10 extra updates in this way, for a total of $250 to unlock them all. These goals must be met before Arc 6 ends (in a few months). This is familiar territory for those of you who’ve been reading for a long time, but HERE’S WHERE THINGS GET CRAZY.

For every $100 donated, I’ll post a new wallpaper under the Extras page. Again, these will be available to everyone, not just the people who donate. Furthermore, these bonus rewards are NOT limited in number! If I get a total of $300, I’ll post three wallpapers. If I get $400, I’ll post four wallpapers. How much extra work can you guys squeaze out of me? Only time (and cash) will tell!

But wait, there’s more! For those of you who find yourselves lacking in money to give away, for every t-shirt sold during Arc 6, $10 will be counted towards the donation drive. This means that you can contribute towards getting extra pages AND new wallpapers, AND get a sweet shirt!

As a final note, as today is free comic book day (barely; I’m a little late getting this done), I’ve posted the three vote incentive side story comics from Arc 5 on the Extras page where you can read them over and over again as often as you like forever.

Thank you everyone for reading, and an extra special thank you in advance to everyone who sees fit to donate or buy a shirt.